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4 Reasons Young Living Makes a Great Business Venture

Young Living Business Venture

First, I want to give you a little background to all this ‘business talk’.

I don’t talk about the business side of Young Living much here on the blog, because ‘doing the business’ is never required in order to use these amazing products.  You can sign up for a wholesale membership to get your 24% discount, and you don’t have to tell a soul about Young Living – you can simply use the products for your family!

I NEVER intended to do this as a business – but once a few friends signed up because they wanted to try essential oils and I received a PAYCHECK, well, I realized I might actually be able to offset the cost of everything I was using!  Yes, please!

One thing snowballed into another, and less than 2 years later, our lives look drastically different than they did before.  You see, with very little exception, my husband traveled Every. Single. Week. for 4 years.  It got to be so exhausting for all of us.  One day I realized that Young Living might actually be the answer to the prayer I had prayed every day for my husband to leave corporate America, be home more often, and do something he loved instead.

This past summer, our prayers were answered!  My husband was able to leave corporate America AND become a professor at the University we both attended.  His Dream Job!

Just a few weeks ago I was cleaning out my email folders, and I had one where I kept all his travel information so I knew his flight details, hotel info, and travel dates.  I deleted over 200 emails… that is 200 TRIPS over the past 4 years.  Words cannot describe how thankful I am that that is NOT OUR LIFE ANYMORE!!

When I think back over this journey with Young Living (which honestly feels like it’s just getting started!), I think about how grateful I am to have Young Living in our lives!  I had ZERO idea about the business side in the beginning, but I can’t think of a better business setup!  Here are 4 reasons Young Living is a GREAT business venture…

1) It’s Network Marketing

Oh!!!  I know you probably just thought I said a bad word!!  I was the first to acknowledge that in the beginning, I wished Young Living was NOT set up the way it was!  I would rather go to a store to purchase my essential oils than get involved in some ‘pyramid scheme’!  Clearly I had some unresolved issues about being cornered into buying things that I didn’t want from people I knew.  (Young Living is NOT a pyramid scheme, by the way, which is illegal.  Watch this video for a little humor and education on the subject!).

BUT – once you learn what network marketing is, I mean really learn, it is such an incredible asset as a business owner.  The basic premise is this – it is the power of multiplication instead of addition.  In a traditional sales business, I could go out every day and work for new business.  I could add to my business every day.  If I stopped trying to acquire new business, the growth of my business would suffer.

However, in Network Marketing, the business I’ve added begins creating its own business as well, which means my business grows by multiplying.  Additionally, if I have a period of time where I cannot actively look for my own new business, those in my organization are still out there acquiring new business.  So my business is still growing even when I personally am not.

In a traditional business, you trade time for money.  You work from 8 to 5 and bring home a paycheck in exchange for those hours.  If you stop working, you don’t get paid.  This is the model we are all used to.  However, in a network marketing business, you are not trading time for money!  Once you have an established business, let me repeat, you are not trading time for money anymore!  As a matter of fact, if you can get proper systems of support in place, you can find yourself working much less and earning much more!

I know, this might sound too good to be true.  And I’m not going to hide the fact that there is A LOT of work that goes into the front end.  A LOT.  In the beginning, you put in WAY more time than you are being compensated for.  MANY (most?) quit during this phase.  But those who persevere are greatly rewarded!!

For more info on WHY a network marketing business is a great choice for long-term financial success, I would definitely recommend you check out the book The Four Year Career!

In my opinion, one of the main reasons that Young Living is a great business venture is that you can leverage the power of network marketing.

2) The Products Are Consumable

Now that we’ve established that ‘network marketing’ is not a bad word (bad phrase?), I want to draw your attention to point number 2… Young Living products are consumable.  Trust me, I know!  I have to order them month after month!!  I personally would not want to do a business where I was offering something that was not consumable!  As a business owner, this means that you don’t constantly have to find new prospects just to maintain your business… people are always replenishing what they need… just like I am!

3) Customers Stay With You

In most network marketing businesses, you have to place your order ‘through’ someone each and every time you go to order.  So if I wanted to buy, say, a new ‘widget’, I would need to contact a rep of the ‘widget company’ every time I want to order.  As an owner of this type of business, it is very easy to ‘lose’ prospects since they can order from someone different every time.

Young Living is different!  When people order, they actually create and maintain their OWN account… and the great thing is that if they originally created their account under you, it will STAY with you!  In addition, people place all their own orders and Young Living handles all the details, so you don’t have to worry about carrying inventory, shipping, sales tax, or customer orders!

4) People NEED Their Oils!

First, how awesome is it to be able to introduce people to products that truly have the power to change lives?!  I have story after story about how Young Living oils have changed people’s lives.

For so many people, the oils have become a necessity, a non-negotiable, to the health of their families.  You would be surprised at what people have told me they would truly do or sell just to have money to purchase their oils!  For lots of families, Young Living essential oils are a necessity, NOT a luxury item.  When times get financially tight, we all cut out things that we don’t really need.  I’m not going to purchase a new bag, jewelry, or any other non-necessity items if funds are tight or if I’m a serious budget-watcher.  But Young Living essential oils fall into a MUCH different category for many people – they NEED their oils for their family’s health!  I know there are many things I would do without before I stopped using my oils, and I am certainly not alone!  The fact that Young Living products are a necessity for many is a tremendous asset as a business owner!

To wrap up, I had no idea Young Living could be a business, let alone anything that could help support our family… but it makes a FANTASTIC business venture!  If you’re not yet a Young Living member and want to know more, please get in touch!  If you’re a member but hadn’t considered the business side, I’d urge you to consider it!!  And much success to those of you who have already discovered what a great business venture Young Living is!  :)

Want to know what kind of income is possible with Young Living?  You can read Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement here.


*Disclaimer:  The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Read the full disclaimer here.