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Lemon Oil to the Rescue! Cleaning a Dirty Cold Air Return

Cleaning the Film on a Dirty Cold Air Return with Lemon Oil

So this is gross.  And embarrassing.  🙈 But I’m going to share it with you anyway!!  I’ll take one for the team on this, okay?!  Haha!!

I love a clean house.  Like when my house is clean, I feel a little euphoric.  When life starts getting crazy and then I clean my house, all becomes right in the world!  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?!  #CleaningNerdsUnite

The other day I looked up at this cold air return vent in my back hall off my kitchen, and it was FILTHY!  We try and vacuum the dust off it regularly, but it’s right off the kitchen and the garage, so it gets this dirty film on it that does NOT wipe off (or so I thought)!

I honestly thought I was going to have to buy a new vent, but when I got up there and felt it, I thought, “I bet my Lemon Oil will take this off!”

Lemon is fantastic for cleaning, especially things that are sticky (yes, even gum in the hair).  I simply put a few drops of my Young Living Lemon Oil on a paper towel, and voila!!! AMAZING.  No scrubbing, it simply wiped off.

I’ll let the video speak for itself!!!

Do you have any cleaning hacks with essential oils?  Please share them in the comments – I’m always up for a new cleaning tip!!  And if you need help getting started with your OWN oils, I’d be honored to help.  Check out the Premium Starter Kit or don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.  😊

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