Liquid Courage | Essential Oil Recipe

Liquid Courage

Use several drops of Valor or Valor II on your wrists, chest, base of neck, or bottoms of feet to feel calm and empowered. I love using this in a diffuser necklace as well!  It’s one of my daughter’s favorites, too.

Valor tends to go out of stock from time to time due to seasonality of one of the oils, so Young Living created Valor II which can be used in its place.

Try one of these Young Living essential oil blends next time you need a boost of confidence!

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5 Responses to Liquid Courage | Essential Oil Recipe

  1. Robert says:

    Was there supposed to be a recipe for this blog post? I would love to have a recipe for a liquid courage blend!!

    • Angie says:

      Hi Robert! You can use Valor I, Valor II, or layer the combination of them on your wrists, back of your neck, or the bottoms of your feet!

  2. Ammy says:

    This is very helpful writing you shared here. Thank you very much for your kind information. I think your mentioning ways will help to get calmness and power.

  3. Robert says:

    Do you have an alternative “Liquid Courage ” blend for when Valor is out of stock? I would love to have an alternative blend for courage when I am out of stock Or running low on Valor!

    • Angie says:

      Robert – that is why Young Living created Valor II, for those times when Valor is out of stock! Valor I I is currently in stock!

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