Get a Wholesale Account

By signing up for a wholesale account with Young Living, you save 24% off the retail prices.  In addition, you are also eligible for Essential Rewards, which allows you to earn free product.

Ready?!  All you need to do to have your own wholesale account is to purchase a starter kit.  (Woohoo!)  Click the button below to order a starter kit (I recommend the Premium Starter Kit), or continue reading for more info.


What is Involved With a Wholesale Account?

Having a wholesale account with Young Living is similar to having a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. Once you order a starter kit, you can purchase everything at wholesale prices whenever you want. With Sam’s and Costco, there is an annual fee to join. With Young Living, there is a one-time purchase of a starter kit (I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit!) And you get actual product with your starter kit and membership… so it’s way better than just paying a fee to join!  Your membership will remain active as long as you place a 50PV order (typically $50) per year.

 Young Living Wholesale vs Retail

Also With Your Wholesale Membership…

If you sign up for a wholesale membership and join my team (by using my Enroller ID) with the Premium Starter Kit, I will personally send you a gift to get you started using your oils, and as a thank you for joining my team!

In addition, you will be part of the Oil Moxie club and have access to our PRIVATE Oil Moxie website, containing all the resources you need to get started on your oil journey!

oil moxie

PLUS, you will have access to our private Facebook group!  Here you will be able to ask questions and get feedback from people who have been using essential oils for many years.

Between your free gift, all the resources at the Oil Moxie website, and our private Facebook group, you will have everything you need to get started with your Young Living Essential Oils!

A Few More things…

If signing up as a Wholesale Member freaks you out, please read “Becoming a Wholesale Member is NOT Scary!”  I promise it’s not.  :)

You will also need to choose a Starter Kit when you sign up for a wholesale membership.  I HIGHLY recommend the Premium Starter Kit… you get 10 oils that are great for everyday uses, PLUS an additional Stress Away oil, and a diffuser!!  But you can choose which kit suits you best.

Ready?!  Let’s Do It!

Click the button below, then follow the instructions to order!




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